Bombardier Learjet 70

RANGE3426 km1850 nm

Length5.39 m / 17 ft 67"

Width1.55 m / 5 ft 12"

Height1.50 m / 4 ft 92"

LavatoryFull Lavatory

BAGGAGE1.42 m³ / 50.00 ft³
Photos courtesy of Bombardier Inc.Bombardier Learjet 70
Bombardier Learjet 70
Bombardier Learjet 70

The Bombardier Learjet 70 is based on the Learjet 40XR and 45XR models. It features enhanced speed, better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs than its predecesors, which is ideal to connect travellers to more places faster and more efficiently. Its interior includes improved comfort and styling of the seats, a spacious galley and a generous baggage hold.