Private jet charter to Avignon - France

Why charter a private jet to Avignon, France?

Avignon is a French city on the shores of the Rhône that briefly hosted the Papal seat in the 14th century. It is also a first-rate arts and culture hotspot, with the city centre being a World Heritage site. Some of the most popular monuments are the enormous Palais des Papes, the cathedral, the main bridge and the walled fortifications.

A private jet charter is the most convenient and personalised way to get to Avignon, France. By chartering a private flight to Avignon, France, you may choose the aircraft that best adapts to your need for each type of trip from among thousands of aircrafts and operators.

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How to get to Avignon by private jet?

Avignon Airport, France

  • ICAO code: LFMV
  • IATA code: AVN
  • Distance to Avignon city centre: 9,3 KM

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Which aircraft shall I use to fly to Avignon by private jet?

Private Jets are usually classified into eight different categories based on performance, cabin size and range. Choosing the right aircraft model for your private jet charter to Avignon can be complicated. Sometimes you may need a higher passenger capacity, sometimes you might be looking for speed and range to fly further away or simply require an aircraft with a baggage hold capable of carrying the luggage that you need.

Europair’s team of experts will be at your disposal to analyse your needs and help you choose the best aircraft for each and every flight to suit your needs and your budget.

Have a look at our Private Jet Guide for detailed information about some of the most frequently used private aircraft models worldwide.

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What is the price of a private jet charter to Avignon?

Prices vary depending on aircraft size and availability. You may find immediate price estimations for private jets to Avignon and anywhere else in the world on our Online Search Engine, for fast and easy price estimations.

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Why book a private jet with Europair?
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