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What is a commercial charter flight?

Every flight has something that sets it apart

A commercial charter flight gives you access to all the available aircraft on the market. You will be able to completely custom-design your flights, without having to rely on the routes, schedules and seat availability of scheduled flights. You will be able to personalise the experience of the passengers both on the ground and in the air, as if it were your own aircraft.  

Chartering an aircraft is the easiest and most flexible way to transport groups of all sizes to any part of the world, with the reassurance of being able to choose and control all the details.

Europair puts its expertise at your disposal so that you may choose the aircraft that best suits your requirements, whatever the route, schedule, number of passengers and expected service level.


  • The ability to choose the size of the aircraft, the route, the schedule and the date of the flight
  • Coordination and optimisation of transport for groups of all sizes
  • Organisational flexibility, with the option of confirming the passenger list just days before the flight
  • Saving of time and hidden costs, such as overnight stopovers and unnecessary connecting flights
  • Personalised service, branding opportunities, in-flight entertainment, personalised crew announcements, VIP lounges and much more
  • Total control of the operation: dedicated check-in desks and supervision services at most airports, with Europair’s 24/7 flight monitoring


Why charter an aircraft with Europair ?
  • One stop shop access to thousands of aircraft, airports and operators worldwide
  • Independent and impartial advice from a highly-qualified team, at your disposal 24/7
  • The reassurance that comes with entrusting your trip into the expert hands of an air broker with more than 20 years' experience and proven financial stability

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