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All the advantages of using your own corporate aircraft

Let your priorities and business agenda define your trip, and take complete control of your own flight's organisation. With an air charter, you won't have to rely on the seat availability, routes or schedules of regular airline flights : 

  • Meetings and conventions
  • Incentive trips and special events
  • Logistics and transport of personnel
  • Flights to remote destinations
  • Crisis situation management


  • Control of all the flight details, as if it were your own corporative aircraft
  • Reduced travelling time
  • Schedules suited to your business agenda
  • Saving of hidden costs (overnight stopovers, travel allowances, wasting of productivity)
  • Access to airports not served directly by regular airlines
  • Aircraft for groups of all sizes
  • Personalisation, branding and communication opportunities
  • Security, privacy and discretion


Why charter an aircraft with Europair ?
  • One stop shop access to thousands of aircraft, airports and operators worldwide
  • Independent and impartial advice from a highly-qualified team, at your disposal 24/7
  • The reassurance that comes with entrusting your trip into the expert hands of an air broker with more than 20 years' experience and proven financial stability

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