FAQ about private charter flights

What is a private charter flight?

It's a charter flight operated by a private aircraft (also known as an executive aircraft).

Is it possible to book just one seat on a private flight?

When contracting a private flight with Europair, you hire the entire aircraft. This is why it is not possible to book individual seats on a private flight. The price is the same if just one person is flying or all of the seats are occupied.

What are the advantages of hiring a private aircraft versus fractional-ownership or owning a plane?

By chartering a private flight, you may choose the aircraft that best adapts to your need for each type of trip from among thousands of aircrafts and operators.

By contracting a charter flight operated by an executive aircraft, you'll avoid long-term commitments and additional costs (maintenance, ownership fees, crew, fuel supplements, etc.).  You pay as you fly with no additional costs and in the perfect aircraft for each trip.

Europair will help you find the best option irrespective of the route, schedule, number of passengers or service level expected.

What is a private aircraft?

Private aircraft (or executive aircraft) normally have less capacity than commercial aircraft (generally between 4 and 18 seats) and offer higher standards of comfort. The cabins are not usually organised into rows but are rather equipped with high quality seats, tables for working and, in some cases, sofas and beds. They are designed to maximize passenger comfort and allow to work or rest in complete privacy.

Executive aircraft also have an additional advantage: they can operate on short runways which considerably increases the number of airports they can fly to and even reach places scheduled flights can't.

There is also a very special category of private aircraft: Commercial aircraft with an executive configuration. These are commercial planes, like those used by the major airlines throughout the world for their scheduled services, but with a VIP configuration: more comfortable seats, separate areas to hold meetings or rest and even single and double bedrooms and showers.

Is it safe to fly on a private aircraft?

Executive aviation complies with extremely high safety standards and is subject to the same safety regulations as traditional airlines. Plus, Europair uses a supplier approval system which is based on safety, financial solvency and insurance cover criteria.

How far in advance must I book a flight with Europair?

One of the main advantages of the executive aviation service is flexibility for changes. If you need an immediate answer, our private flight search engine is available 24 hours a day to offer you price indications with no commitment which will help you analyse the feasibility and budget for each operation and pre-select the aircraft that best meets your needs.

Is Europair also responsible for monitoring my flight?

Europair will be available to you from the beginning until the end of your trip. We will provide you with a summary showing all of the flight information and our contact details. We will keep you permanently up-to-date on the status of your operation.