FAQ about group charter flights

What is a group charter flight?

It's a charter flight (also known as a special flight) operated by a commercial aircraft.

Is it possible to book individual seats on a group charter flight?

It is not possible to book individual seats on a group charter flight. When you hire a charter flight, the full cabin capacity is available to you.

What is a commercial aircraft?

Commercial aircraft are designed for the regular passenger transport and have very varied capacities and features ranging from turboprop aeroplanes with a capacity for 20 people to intercontinental four-engine aircraft that can transport more than 400 people. They provide scheduled flights and are available for charter flights.

How can I obtain information and book a group charter flight?

You can send us your online request or, alternatively, contact us.

Our team will analyse your request in detail, conduct a preliminary flight study and send you a custom offer.

Is Europair also responsible for monitoring my flight?

Europair will be available to you from the beginning until the end of your trip. We will provide you with a summary showing all of the flight information and our contact details. We will keep you permanently up-to-date through our 24 hour tracking system on the status of your operation.