FAQ about Europair

What does Europair do?

Created in 1994, Europair is an air charter broker with extensive experience which specialises in contracting and managing charter flights worldwide.

What is an air charter broker?

An air charter broker is an aviation expert that acts as an intermediate between tour operators, businesses or private individuals and airline companies in the arrangement of charter flights. The broker analyses a traveller's various needs and proposes custom air transport solutions. 

The added value of a broker service lies in its technical knowledge: aviation is a very complex world requiring a high level of specialisation. There are thousands of airlines, aircrafts and airports to choose from and a number of regulations, restrictions and variables to be taken into account.

Europair assists its clients and advises them in their choice of aircraft, operator, route and schedules that best adapt to their specific needs. Europair does not commercialise its own fleet: it's an independent advisor that offers its knowledge and ability to find the best solution from among all of the available options.

What is the difference between a scheduled flight and a charter flight?

The main difference between charter flights (also known as special flights) and scheduled flights basically consists of the way they are scheduled and distributed.

With a scheduled flight, the airline defines the routes, schedules, onboard services and type of aircraft in order to sell individual seats on the flight.

In the case of charter flights, the airline makes the entire aircraft available to the client who hires all of the available capacity, chooses the routes, the schedules, dates, and onboard and ground services. 

Why work with Europair instead of directly with an operator?

There are hundreds of airlines and aircraft models on the market and the best solution for each mission depends on a prior cost/benefit analysis.  We will focus our analysis on factors such as type of route, purpose, proposed dates and schedules, actual aircraft availability, number of passengers, airports used, etc. At Europair, we contribute technical knowledge and the most up-to-date market information, we are independent consultants and we provide one stop shop access to thousands of operators and aircraft throughout the world.  

Does Europair have its own fleet? What types of aircraft can it offer?

Europair is not an airline company and, therefore, does not have its own fleet of aircraft.

Europair has access to thousands of aircraft and operators all over the world so it can offer the one that best meets your needs and budget, whether that may be a private plane for two people or a commercial plane with more than 400 seats.

Which airports does Europair fly to?

One of the main advantages of charter flights is the freedom to choose a route. Europair offers access to any airport in the world, subject to the availability of the adequate infrastructures for the chosen aircraft and the possibility of securing the corresponding authorisations. Our team of technicians can analyse the feasibility of any route and propose the best combination of destinations, aircraft and airports. 

Which airline companies does Europair work with? Are they reliable companies?

Europair follows a strict supplier selection protocol in accordance with safety, quality and financial solvency criteria. Europair ensures that all flight operators are adequately covered by insurance policies. Moreover, Europair is covered by a 600.000 euro civil liability policy.