Summer 2013: Positive results for Europair


We have recently completed the analysis of our summer operations and would like to share the results with you.

Between May and October we have achieved a 25% increase in the number of flights operated, while exceptionally improving our On-Time-Performance, year on year. We are extremely satisfied with the good results that we have achieved this year, despite the ongoing economic recession, and there are signs that the positive trend is going to continue.

More than 80% of our flights has taken-off on time (with delays under 15 minutes) and 62% of them has been completely on time. The average delay between May and October has been just 6 minutes, with an incredible average figure of just 3 minutes during the busiest summer months (June, July and August).

We know that punctuality is a very important factor for our clients and we are exceptionally proud of the results achieved. For this reason we would like to thank our partners and the whole Europair Team for their excellent job to achieve such results, which are a true testament to Europair’s dedication to customer service.