Press Release: Europair highlights the benefits of private flying

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Europair analyses the ever-changing business aviation sector, which is strategically crucial for the increasingly globalised the Spanish Economy. As Spain’s leading air charter broker with over 20 years’ experience, Europair is in a privileged position to analyze trends in the sector.

An increasing number of companies of every type and size are choosing private flying as it enables to save time and optimize resources, by reducing hidden costs. Europair highlights 5 key advantages of charter flights, whether with a 2-seater private jet or a 400-seater commercial aircraft:

  • Time saving: the customer can design the most direct itinerary (not just to their destination, but also by choosing the most conveniently-located airport) and choose the best timings, avoiding transit times and unnecessary hotel-stays.
  • Higher efficiency: time is money, and any time-saving is directly translated into cost-optimization. Several studies indicate that scheduled flights do not always turn out to be the most affordable option, as they may affect the productivity of the journey. The obligation to adapt the travel agenda to scheduled departure and arrival times may lengthen the overall journey time and sometimes require the addition of overnight stops in a hotel. The final total cost of such journeys increases significantly, especially in the case of Top Managers, whose salary/working hour ratio is higher.
  • Full Control: By chartering a private flight, the customer not only knows the identity of all of their travel companions, but also makes sure that the aircraft and crew comply with the highest quality standards. This can be a decision-making factor when flying to countries where reasonable doubts may arise in connection with local operators and maintenance standards.
  • Privacy: private flying not only provides better comfort and time-saving, it also guarantees unbeatable levels of privacy and confidentiality for business conversations. It is thus possible to use the flying hours for business meetings as if they were being held at the company’s corporate headquarters.
  • Flexibility: business aviation is extremely flexible when it comes to unexpected changes in the schedule. This is once again translated into a direct time saving and cost optimization, which would be unthinkable for scheduled flights’ passengers.

Gerardo Manzano, Europair’s CEO states: “Our mission as brokers (aviation experts) is to provide entirely bespoke solutions adapted to the needs of each and every one of our clients. We are very aware of the importance of productivity and efficiency for a company. Our services have immediate effects on our client’s time-management, a very valuable resource, and we believe that this element is gaining importance in an ever-changing and increasingly globalised business context. Thanks to our broad experience in the field, we have an impartial vision when it comes to looking for a solution that entirely fits with the needs of our client”.

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