L’Economic: Interview to Gerardo Manzano on Business Aviation

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L’Economic, a Catalan newspaper, recently carried out a research about Barcelona’s status with regards to European Business Aviation. For this reason, they interviewed Business Aviation experts such as Gerardo Manzano, Europair’s General Manager, with over 20 year’s experience in the field.

The airports of Le Bourget (Paris), Geneva, Luton (London) and Vnukovo (Moscow) are Europe’s business-aviation leaders. In Spain, the airports with the highest standing are Barajas (Madrid), Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, which overcome El Prat (Barcelona) during certain periods of the year. Last year, Barcelona’s private aviation facilities experienced a strong traffic increase, but did not reach the record levels of 2006. The operators are perceiving clear signs of recovery in the market, although there is still room for improvement to increase demand and implement the development of business aviation.

Gerardo Manzano explains to L’Economic that some European cities are equipped with dedicated business-aviation airports, while other cities have opted for a common-use facility due to runway space availability or political decisions. The concentration of private and commercial flights in a single facility can add value by creating connections with scheduled flights, as long as the infrastructure is modern and uncongested.

Gerardo Manzano states that there are signs of recovery of demand for business aviation due to the recent internationalization of the Spanish economy. An increasing number of companies of all types and sizes are choosing this mode of transport to optimize time and resources and save on hidden-costs.