Hidden Travel Costs


We would like to share an interesting article published by our partners at GEBTA regarding the relationship between costs, time and stress in business travel.

The current economic environment is forcing Spanish companies to travel with more frequency, to farther destinations and with increasingly strict travel policies, with the aim of finding new business opportunities in foreign markets.

Normally, the criteria for the definition of travel policies are aimed at optimizing ROI. But is there a way to keep in mind the hidden costs caused by stress factors and reduced productivity?

This study by GEBTA identifies how travellers may incur in additional stress caused by factors such as baggage loss/delay, inconvenient transfers to the airport, mid/long-haul flights in economy class or connecting flights with long waits. How can the formula to calculate ROI reach a balance between travel expenses and productivity?

We believe that there are solutions to take care of employees' trips that enable to manage costs without compromising productivity. For example, private air charter flights allow a considerable reduction of travelling time, the combination of multiple destinations in a single trip and also enable the travellers to work or rest at ease in the cabin.

We strongly recommend this article published on GEBTA's Business Travel Magazine (in Spanish) and we aldo would like to share this interesting infographic by CWT about travellers' stress.