Giving wings to la Roja


There's been an unmissable event in Estern Europe for football fans this summer. La Roja has defended its European championship title in Poland and Ukraine, the two nations which organized the most imporat footbal event for major national teams on the continent this year.

This was four years after the triumph in Vienna that cahnged the history of Spanish football. Only one colour and one emotion have been possible during this European Football Championship 2012. Passionate red and red-hot emotion. A pairing of coulour and sentiment united in a team of excellent profesionals who, in adition to being good friends, have a natural love of football, growing with every game they play. Three titles, the European Football Cahmpionship, the World Cup and again, the European Football Championship, its seemed impossible. But no. Could we ask for more? Europair participated in the joy of many fans with several charter flihgts during the quarter-finals semi-finals and the widly anticipated final. We can express our gratitude for this happy outcome.