Europair recommends: 'Your Passenger Rights', a must-have app for this summer


Passengers stranded at airports or awaiting missing luggage may now use a smartphone application to check their rights immediately and on the spot.

Summer is here, it’s the busiest time of the year and most of us will, sooner or later, catch a plane for business or pleasure. The European Commission has just released a very useful App that we strongly recommend to download it before your next trip.

The free 'Your Passenger Rights' app makes it easier for all travellers to be informed about their rights in case something unexpected happens during their journey.

The app features existing EU rules on passenger rights and provides information for all types of transportation: planes, trains, boats and buses and when and how passenger rights apply.

What's new in 2014?

The app which was launched in 2012 now contains some new features for visually impaired people and three more languages – Croatian, Serbian, and Albanian – in addition to the original 22 EU languages already available. The app is available for all the latest Apple iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

It can be very useful when experiencing travel disruption. For example passengers might be stranded at airports or stations because of delays, cancellations, denied boarding, or because their luggage is missing. Passengers with reduced mobility might need assistance. Information in case of mishandling and damage to luggage are also included. With the passenger rights app everyone can check, in 25 languages, on the spot what their rights are, and get useful information on how to claim their rights. The app is easy to use and can be consulted at any moment offline.

Get the App!

Smartphone users can download the app using QR codes clicking here or just search for ‘Passenger Rights App' in the app store.

For more information, please visit: Your Europe