Cinco Días: Private Jets, a luxury that pays off

Private jet_Legacy

Spain’s leading financial newspaper Cinco Días recently interviewed Marcel Forns, General Manager of GEBTA (Guild of European Business Travel Agencies), and Gerardo Manzano, our CEO, about the state of the business aviation industry in Spain.

Key points of the article:

  • Gebta’s market research indicates that business travel in Spain is on the rise thanks to its economy’s increasingly international outlook. The yearly budget is around 13m € and the strict co-relation between exports and business travel makes this a quintessential activity of any internationalized company.
  • Europair’s CEO Gerardo Manzano explains how flying private is not a luxury: it’s a way to gain effectiveness. The traditional way of computing travel expenses does not include so called hidden-costs such as precious time wasted during inefficient journeys, which can be avoided by flying private.
  • According to Aesave (Spain’s Business Aviation Association), there are around 64 Spanish-registered business jets and the recent evolution of the Spanish fleet has followed closely the boom-and-bust cycles of the European economy.