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Airbus A320 Prestige

RANGE7800 km4300 nm
CREW2 + 3

Length27.74 m / 91 ft

Width3.70 m / 12 ft 1”

Height2.25 m / 7 ft 4”

LavatoryFull Lavatory

BAGGAGE37.40 m³ / 1320.00 ft³
Photos courtesy of Airbus S.A.S.Airbus A320 Prestige
Airbus A320 Prestige
Airbus A320 Prestige

The Airbus A320 Prestige can present different interior configurations depending on the operator. It has the widest cross-section and the highest headroom of any corporate jet and features business and conference centres, lounge areas, private suites and full-height showers.