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Gulfstream 650/ 650 ER

RANGE12964 km7000 nm
CREW2 + 1 (2)

Length14.27 m / 46 ft 10"

Width2.59 m / 8 ft 6"

Height1.95 m / 6 ft 5"

LavatoryFull Lavatory

BAGGAGE5.52 m³ / 195.00 ft³
Photos courtesy of ęGulfstream Aerospace Corp.Gulfstream 650/ 650 ER
Gulfstream 650/ 650 ER
Gulfstream 650/ 650 ER

The largest, fastest and longest-range aircraft of the Gulfstream family. This model offers a galley and two complete lavatories, one in the forward and one in the aft section of the cabin as well as a state-of-the-art entertainment system. The G650ER is an enhanced version of the G650 with longer range and faster speed.