Flying is our passion

Europair offers management support services to airlines and auxiliary businesses. Consultancy, integration of technological solutions, training programmes and work outsourcing.

 Management support

  • Start-ups
  • Market research
  • Growth and repositioning strategies
  • Product design (network/service/tariff) and agreement negotiation
  • Distribution and sales strategies
  • Management and budgetary control
  • Introduction of quality systems (ISO, IOSA)
  • Processing of certifications, codes, insurances and authorisations
  • Negotiation with suppliers
  • Production optimisation (ops, maintenance, pax handling, freight handling)

 Technological Integrators

  • Technological integration of reservation systems, inventory, distribution and sales
  • Applications for the optimisation of production and management control
  • Study of the company’s technology needs
  • Functional analysis.


  • Adhoc training programmes
  • High specification seminars
  • Crew training and maintenance techniques
  • Systems training


  • Help Desk
  • Remote systems operation
  • Departmental or task outsourcing
  • In-house Consultancy and Technical Assistance


Why charter an aircraft with Europair ?
  • One stop shop access to thousands of aircraft, airports and operators worldwide
  • Independent and impartial advice from a highly-qualified team, at your disposal 24/7
  • The reassurance that comes with entrusting your trip into the expert hands of an air broker with more than 20 years' experience and proven financial stability

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