What is an air charter broker?

Giving wings to your needs

The passengers' needs may be extremely varied, and regular flights do not always offer suitable solutions (inadequate and inflexible schedules, limited seat availability for groups, transfer flights with endless waiting times, etc.)

Expert in aviation and transport, an air charter broker's mission is to analyse and interpret their clients' needs in order to design bespoke charter flights, using all kinds of aircraft.

Europair accompanies its clients, advising them in their choice of aircraft model, operator, route and timetable best suited to their specific needs, and takes charge of  the organisation and follow-up of the flight. Unlike an airline, Europair does not commercialise its own aircraft fleet : it is an independent advisor  that puts all its expertise at the clients' disposal so that they may find, amongst all the available options on the market, the perfect solution.

The added value of an air broker lies in their technical knowledge: the aviation world has a very high level of specialisation. There are thousands of airlines, aircraft and airports to choose from and a multitude of regulations, restrictions and variables to bear in mind.

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