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Europair relies on a highly-qualified, multilingual international team comprising 12 professionals who are all truly dedicated to customer service.

  • Gerardo Manzano

    Gerardo Manzano (CEO)

    Gerardo Manzano has been a shareholder and CEO of Europair for more than 20 years. An accomplished executive in the field of international aviation, Manzano has extensive management and strategic planning experience in the air charter business, private aviation and consultancy. Always searching for new business strategies, he is the heart and soul of Europair. On the rare occasions that he manages to disconnect from aviation, he can be found in his kitchen indulging his passion for cooking, or contemplating new challenges whilst travelling the world.

    Specialist in: Tour operation programmes

  • Dolores Montilla

    Dolores Montilla (Commercial Manager)

    Dolores has been working at Europair since the beginnings of the organisation. She has nearly two decades' experience in national and international companies in the aviation sector. As Commercial Manager, her mission is to define Europair’s commercial strategy and ensure that it is correctly implemented, as well back the company as it opens new lines of business. A woman of many talents, energetic and decisive, her experience and expertise have made her a key player on Europair's team.

    Specialist in: VIP and executive flights

  • Miguel Comas

    Miguel Comas (Operations Manager)

    His career in tourism can be traced back to 1988. He spent much of his career at Spanair, where he served for 17 years in top posts including Interline Manager, Charter Sales Manager and Special Sales Coordinator. As Operations Manager at Europair his mission is to ensure overall service quality at all times. This cheerful and outgoing Majorcan is passionate about travel, photography and technology.

    Specialist in: Commercialization and management of charter operations, ACMI & Wet Lease

  • Alejandro Gutierrez

    Alejandro Gutierrez (Finance Manager)

    Finance Manager with 12 years of experience in positions of responsibility in companies of diverse sectors. His mission is to ensure an efficient financial management of our organization and maintain the ever-delicate interdepartmental balance. During out-of-office hours he loves to travel and practice sports, especially rugby.  He is a member of the Industrial Engineering team of Las Rozas and actively participates in an inclusive rugby project, another of his great passions.

    Specialist in: Finance

  • Lidia Blanco

    Lidia Blanco (Accounting Executive)

    Lidia manages activities related to the areas of finance and accounting, IT and General Services. Her administrative support and her resolute and organized character make her a very valuable member of our organization. Friendly, lively and open-minded, in her free time she enjoys Literature, indie music and dancing to the rhythm of swing.

    Specialist in: Administration

  • Paolo Massimo Patat

    Paolo Massimo Patat (Broker – Sales Executive)

    As part of our broker team, Paolo is passionate about aviation. He has a strong background in consultancy and intercultural communication, specifically in the Asian market, a part of the world where he lived for 5 years. Likeable, charismatic and well-mannered, our multilingual Milanese-Brit can't stop travelling and taking the « perfect » pasta recipe to every corner of the world.

    Specialist in: Corporate accounts, international markets

  • Jenny Christopher

    Jenny Christopher (Broker – Sales Executive)

    As part of our broker team, Jenny accompanies and advises our clients from start to finish, offering the best solutions to their requirements. Thanks to her previous experience in sales departments of different airlines, she's the one making sure that our close relationships with our national and international suppliers flow smoothly. Level-headed and warm-hearted, our sparkly Colombian is passionate about sports, music and dance.

    Specialist in: Incentive flights, sports flights and ACMI

  • Véronique Mesa

    Véronique Mesa (Sales Executive France)

    As part of our commercial team, Véronique is specialized in the French market. She spent much of her career at Voyages Fram, where she worked for 20 years as air transport manager. Born in Perpignan, she is Spanish-French bilingual and her extensive knowledge of the French tourist market is a great asset to our team. Her new mission at Europair is to provide dedicated care and improved service to our French clients. This likable and cheerful French is passionate about travel and photography.

    Specialist in: French market, tour operation programmes

  • Nuria Palacios

    Nuria Palacios (Operations Executive & Quality Executive)

    With more than 2 decades' experience dedicated to the world of aviation, Nuria has previously worked for Europair as a broker and sales representative. Nowadays, she juggles her role as Operations Executive with the responsibility for the implementation and monitoring of the company's quality system. An excellent communicator, serene and very methodical, this historian by training is very clear about the fact that if there were more hours in the day, she'd read, dance and travel more.

    Specialist in: Integral Quality Management

  • Anne Schirbock

    Anne Schirbock (Marketing Executive)

    Anne is responsible for the positioning and consolidation of our brand and corporate identity. Her mission is to present the experience, services and values of Europair from an innovative and unique stand-point. Creative, intrepid and cheerful, she left her native Germany to develop her professional career in Spain, where she found her second home. However, she returns to colder climes to practise winter sports whenever she can.

    Specialist in: Online Marketing