Why charter an aircraft with Europair?

The privilege of choice

The market is changing. It's important to be able to count on partners who contribute to and help to ensure the success of your organisation.

How do we do it at Europair ? With a strong commitment to customer service; with constant innovation and continuous improvement ; and with the involvement of everyone in Europair's team.

Experience and versatility
  • One stop shop access to thousands of aircraft and airlines
  • 25 years' international experience
  • Multilingual, diverse, experienced and highly committed team 
Trustworthiness and reliability
  • 100%  independent and impartial advice
  • Strict criteria for supplier selection
  • Financial stability and public liability insurance
  • Commitment to deadlines to guarantee a rapid response
Quality and commitment
  • Personalised attention 24/7
  • Supervision services at the airport
  • Pre-flight brief and post-flight report for every operation
  • Comprehensive quality control and client satisfaction system


Contact us

+34 91 395 2025